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January 10
o       The Kentucky Lottery joins LOTTO*AMERICA, a multi-state, on-line lottery game.
April 4
o       The Kentucky Lottery is two years old. In this short time, the KLC has generated $480 million in sales and $150 million in dividends to the commonwealth.
o       LOTTO KENTUCKY changes to a 6/49 matrix which increases the odds to about one in 14 million.
o        George and Shirley Haines of Cairo, Illinois win $4.4 million when they cash the first winning LOTTO*AMERICA jackpot ticket sold in Kentucky.
o       The KLC introduces another on-line game, CASH 5, on October 5. It is a 5/35 matrix, known in the lottery industry as a “little lotto” game because of its lower odds. Matching all five numbers to win the lump-sum $100,000 top prize has odds of about 1 in 324,000.  Players also win $100 for matching four of five and $10 for matching three of five.
o        On October 11, the first CASH 5 drawing is held. Drawings for CASH 5 are held on Tuesday and Friday nights. Like LOTTO KENTUCKY and PICK 3, CASH 5 drawings are televised live at 7:28 p.m. EST.
o        On November 1, Jim Hosker becomes the first modern lottery era president to be awarded a personal services contract.  The KLC board of directors offers Hosker a four-year contract. 
o        A record LOTTO KENTUCKY prize of $42 million is won by two Kentuckians on November 7. Thomas Savage of Louisville and Robert Coleman of Raccoon split the jackpot. The jackpot attracted players from across the nation as it rolled for nine and a half weeks and 19 drawings before a winner emerged. 
o       The Kentucky Lottery is recognized as the fastest growing lottery in the nation, with sales finishing the calendar year up 71 percent over 1990.