Second Chance Drawings


Second chance drawing using non-winning Lottery tickets to offer the customer a second chance to win a prize. These types of drawings help build customer loyalty.


Second chance drawings are the most effective when the drawings are held frequently. Depending on the event, prize drawings could be conducted on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis.

  1. Determine how long to run the promotion, what prizes to award for the repetitive drawings and what prize to award for the grand prize drawing.
  2. Develop fliers, exterior signage and/or newspaper advertising to promote the drawing.
  3. Construct a second chance drawing box (or use one provided by the Lottery) and produce a sign describing the drawing. The box and sign should be positioned in a highly visible area in the store.
  4. Ask customers to sign the back of their non-winning Lottery tickets and deposit in the drawing box.
  5. Train sales staff to ask customers to play.
  6. Conduct the drawings as advertised, and post the names of the winners and their prizes in a prominent place.
  7. Provide entry forms for customers without non-winning tickets.
The Lottery may provide:
  • Lottery representative to assist in planning the promotion and publicity
  • Game-specific point of sale materials
  • Second chance drawing box
  • Lottery representative to assist with the drawing
  • Promotions premium items if available