How to Play Decades of Dollars
Drawings on
Monday and Thursday
How to Play

1.    Each Decades of Dollars play cost $2.
2.    Pick 6 numbers 1-47 or mark QP using the play slip to let the computer randomly select your numbers.
3.    The option to play the same numbers for the next 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, or 16 consecutive drawings is available.
4.    Your ticket will be valid for the draw dates shown on the front.
5.    The total cost of the ticket will be the wager amount multiplied by the number of drawings you choose to play.
6.     It is your responsibility to make sure the play slip and ticket represent the numbers selected, and drawing(s) you want to enter.
7.    Ticket(s) cannot be canceled. All sales are final.
How to Win
Lottery drawings take place in the evening every Monday and Thursday live on
Six (6) numbers from 1 to 47 will be drawn.
Match all 6 numbers to win the jackpot!*
*In some cases this prize may be paid on a pari-mutuel basis, and could be lower than published.  See official rules for details.


Match Odds 1 IN Prize
6 of 6 10,737,573 Jackpot*
5 of 6 43,649 $10,000*
4 of 6 873 $100
3 of 6 50 $10
2 of 6 7.1 FREE TICKET

Overall Odds:  1:6.2

How to Find Out If You've Won
Decades of Dollars drawings take place every Monday and Thursday at approximately 10:59 pm (ET)/9:59 pm (CT).  Click here to see Internet-streamed Decades of Dollars drawings.  Winning numbers are published in your local newspapers, broadcast on local radio and TV stations, posted in your Kentucky Lottery retailers, and on our website or call our 24-hour Winning Numbers Line: (502) 583-2000. (A long distance telephone charge may apply).
Jackpot Prize
The Jackpot Prize will be paid in annual installments of $250,000 for 30 years ($7.5 million)*, or if the player elects the cash option, in one lump sum payment of $4 million,* with payment being made as soon as reasonably possible following a validated prize claim by the player.

*If there are more than two Jackpot Prize winning tickets, the Jackpot Prize will be paid on a pari-mutuel basis and will be lower than published.  See the Decades of Dollars Official Game Rules for complete details regarding the Jackpot Prize and all other matters relating to Decades of Dollars.

Claiming Your Decades of Dollars Prize
To claim a prize, sign the back of your winning ticket. Prizes may be claimed the next business day after the drawing.  Prizes up to $600 may be claimed at Kentucky Lottery Decades of Dollars retailers. Prizes up to $5,000 may be claimed at any authorized cashing agent or by mailing your winning ticket and a completed claim form (available at any Lottery retailer) to the Kentucky Lottery Corporation, Claims Dept. 100, Louisville, Kentucky 40287-0001. Prizes up to $25,000 may be claimed at selected Kentucky Lottery Regional Offices, and prizes over $25,000 must be claimed at the Kentucky Lottery Headquarters at 1011 West Main Street, Louisville, Kentucky 40202.

Prizes must be claimed within 180 days after the drawing date.  Prizes of $50 or higher that are claimed more than 90 days after the drawing date must be claimed at Lottery Headquarters or Regional Office if under $25,000.
Claims relating to Kentucky's Decades of Dollars are governed by Kentucky law and the official rules and regulations and procedures for Kentucky's Decades of Dollars, which contain the sole and exclusive remedy for such claims.  Complete game rules are available from the Kentucky Lottery Corporation upon request.  A play slip DOES NOT constitute evidence of a winning ticket or the numbers selected; players MUST present a valid ticket in order to claim a prize. Players must be 18 years old to play.
Play It Again!
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Now you can play your favorite numbers AGAIN!  It's fast and easy!
  • Use your existing ticket to purchase a new ticket with your same favorite numbers!
  • No need to fill out or keep your playslip.  Just hand the store clerk your ticket and ask to "Play it Again!"
  • More details available at Kentucky Lottery retailers.