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o   The Fun Club Rewards program is launched, giving players a chance to earn point to redeem for prizes based on scratch-off ticket purchases. The program also eliminates the old Final Top Prize program, as all tickets entered for points are also entered into a second-chance drawing.


o   The KLC board of directors passed a motion to “direct the staff of the Lottery to undertake all necessary measures required to offer Keno as a new game and Internet-based sales as a new sales medium as expeditiously and reasonably as possible”.


o   Several record-breaking accomplishments for FY13 were announced. The KLC finished the year with sales of $846.6 million (including $35.8 million in free tickets). This broke the old sales record established in FY12 of $823.5 million by 2.8%. These sales also led to record-breaking proceeds returned to the Commonwealth. A total of $223.8 million was earned for scholarship and grants programs funded by the Kentucky Lottery, breaking the old record set in FY12 of $216.4 million. In addition, even though sales rose by more than $23 million, operating expenses for the year ($26.4 million) were actually $800,000 lower than FY12’s.


o   The KLC marks $2,000,000,000 in college scholarships and grants awarded by Lottery proceeds.


o   Keno launches at 400 retail locations around the Commonwealth.

o   The KLC reaches several major milestones this month, including $4 billion in proceeds earned for the Commonwealth, $9 billion in prizes paid to players, and $15 billion in overall sales.