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o       The Kentucky Lottery reaches the $2 billion mark in cash prizes paid to players.  Jerome Jefferies of Sellersburg, Indiana is recognized as having put the KLC over the $2 billion mark when he won $100,000 playing CASH 5.
o       The Davidson Family of Evansville, Indiana, are the single winners of a $57.5 million POWERBALL jackpot.
o        On June 30, the Kentucky Lottery reaches then-record-breaking sales of $570.4 million and then-record breaking dividends to the state of $151 million for Fiscal Year 1997.
o        For 19 weeks and 38 draws, the Kentucky Lottery’s LOTTO KENTUCKY jackpot steadily rose to its
      highest point in over 5 years—$ 20,000,000.  Two winning tickets are sold for the $20 million Saturday, September 27, drawing.  The McCarty Family of Louisville, claim their half of the jackpot with a ticket that they purchase at Bowman Field Liquors in Louisville.  An Albany, Kentucky doctor and four members of his staff claim the second half of the $20 million prize with a ticket purchased at Pierce’s Grocery in Albany.
o        Kentucky Lottery President Arthur Gleason, along with Board of Directors Chairman Laurence Summers, Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson and Lt. Governor Steve Henry, officially opens the Kentucky Lottery Corporate Headquarters at 1011 West Main in Louisville by popping open the tabs of a giant pull-tab ticket. The dedication ceremony for the site includes tours of the site, which will house the KLC’s corporate offices, JeffersonCounty regional office, data processing center and warehouse.
o        On November 1, the Kentucky Lottery’s POWERBALL game undergoes a face lift to offer players more of what they want—higher jackpots and more options.  The POWERBALL enhancements increase the jackpot’s starting point to $10 Million and allows players to select a single lump-sum “CASH OPTION” jackpot payment or 25 annual payments.  The game matrix also changes.  Players now select 5 white numbers from a field of 49 and 1 red number (the Powerball) from a field of 42. The prize structures change too, increasing low tier prizes to $7, $4 and $3. Overall, POWERBALL players now have better odds to win a prize.
o       The Kentucky Lottery Corporation introduces its first $5 instant game, MEGABUCKS.  The November 12 start date is just in time for the holiday season.  With over $6.5 million in prizes and a grand prize of $250,000, players love this colorful game.